Site Services Support
Site Services Support

Site Services Support

In the manufacturing environment, finding reliable Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Teams to deliver site support is key to the business growth within the Industrial and the Manufacturing Industry .

Based on these challenges, Meastim have Teams with over a fifty years of experience within the Mechanical, Electrical, Maintenance and Design for the delivery of site support.

We offer the following services within the Industrial and Manufacturing environments:  

Mechanical and Electrical 

Mechanical Installation 

Mechanical Maintenance 

Electrical Installation 

Electrical Maintenance


Maintaining the installed equipment 

Shutdown support for turnaround 

Twenty Four hour site maintenance support

Overall Services


Site Mechanical support 

Site Electrical Support for installation and maintenance  

Rotating Equipment Maintenance  

New machinery Installation Mechanical and Electrical

Experienced in-house teams to ensure high level of professionalism 

Teams available to work both Nationally and internationally


Ability to have One team deliver the complete solution 


Ability to have One team involved in the install


All Internal Labour with multi industry machine experience  


Ability to have one team to support the site project or maintenance teams